A Better Form

Of Money

Simply hold EARN$ tokens for daily passive income with our DeFi protocol that leverages blockchain technology.

How do I earn?

Earn a 1.5% share from daily transactions and even more from airdrops

How does it work?

EARN$ transactions are subject to a 3% fee

Half of 3% is distributed among all EARN$ holders

The other half of the 3% is burned, so tokens are more scarce

Earn passive income from each transaction made with EARN$

3% fee for transactions

3% fee for transactions

All transactions with EARN$ are subject to a 3% fee.

Automatic burns increase scarcity

Automatic burns increase scarcity

1.5% of each transaction is burned making EARN$ tokens more scarce over time.

Get automatic rewards for holding

Get automatic rewards for holding

1.5% of the 3% transaction fee is rewarded among all EARN$ holders.

Hold EARN$ and get NFTs

Hold EARN$ and get NFTs

All holders of EARN$ get NFTs airdropped monthly.

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Community-Led Development

EARN Network is a community-led project. The primary efforts have been community-focused and will always stay that way. The EARN Network community has led the funding, development, and growth of the project.

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